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Milking Technique - Fast Pumping with Hand Twist

When milking a boys penis your technique is very important.  Milking Techniques fall into three basic categories from which all other can be derived:

  • Fast Pumping
  • Slow Pumping
  • Touching

Obviously these categories are simple and self explanatory :)  However techniques one can derive from them are, well, lets just say to numerous to even begin to list them :)    

This video demonstrates one of the most effective milking techniques and is one of my own personal favorites: Fast Pumping with Hand Twist.  Featured is a very sexy and talented Milking Specialist.  Watch this short instructional clip very closely and carefully.  Pay attention to her hand as she pumps the boy’s penis, notice how she turns or twists her hand.  

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I will be posting more penis milking demonstration clips soon…



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The evening actually began later than I had planned, but when it did, it was a good start. Earlier in the night, I had picked up some things I needed and stashed them in the bedroom.

I started by stripping pets bed down to just the bottom sheet and a pillow. I attached rope…


Girl uses a vibrator and has an orgasm with contractions at 0:38.


Two girls masturbate and one (on the right) has an orgasm with contractions at 0:40.


Two girls masturbate and one (on the right) has an orgasm with contractions at 0:40.


Forced Penetration in HD


Ideas for tomorrow when my husband gets back?

I want to make it extra special for him, something he’ll never forget…

Dinner, a nice glass of wine, and frank, open discussions are needed far more than sexual games.